Above- ENIGMA just before leaving Key Largo for the Bahamas in 2013.  Note her size compared to that of a dinghy.  You can read a little more about that trip here.

BLOG UPDATE 12-25-18:

Sven Yrvind is now working on a brand new micro-cruiser to resume his non stop voyage to New Zealand.  EXLEX was not to his liking so he ended his first attempt in Porto Santo, Madeira.  Now work on  his latest craft, EXLEX MINOR, is coming along quickly, and many of the performance issues  of the earlier craft have been addressed.

For a fun read, check out the article we wrote for SAIL MAGAZINE  a few years ago.


Mindy and David have a passion for small sailboats called micro-cruisers, and they have been cruising in their tiny boats for 30 years. Their favorite destinations have been the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Florida Keys and the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. 

Unpleasant disclaimer: Like many other outdoor activities, sailing small boats has it's own inherent dangers that could result in injury or even death. Therefore, it's our sincere suggestion that you consider this website as simply a collection of our experiences of how we plan and take our trips. We might also add that though we favor our tiny sharpies, we certainly can not guarantee your satisfaction and safety in similar craft since everyone has different skills and every region of the world has its own unpredictable weather. Nonetheless, if you decide to venture from the perceived safety of your own home, you may have the opportunity to experience what this incredible wet world has to offer.